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Avoid summer slide. 5 tips to be math-ready when school starts



1.      Keep it together. If you still have your materials from your last math class, don’t throw them away. Keep your papers, binders, even workbooks in a good place so you can use them as a reference tool. Topics that come up in Calculus like logarithms are presented in Math III; topics from AP Statistics are presented as early as freshman year!


2.      Start your engine. Many courses require a math summer packet that is due the first week of school; you can find out by looking at your school’s web page. If your course does not require summer homework, you can still find practice problems appropriate to your course by scouting around on other school web pages. Check out this link from Walton that has summer packets for almost every course: and this link from Wheeler has summer packets that include AP classes.


3.      Pace yourself. Some of the summer packets contain over one hundred problems! Don’t expect to complete the entire packet in one sitting or even one weekend. Start early and do a little bit at a time.


4.      Stay the course. The problems in the summer packet are prerequisite skills. That means these are the most important topics for someone entering the class and you should be able to complete them. If your goal is to be ready for school, there is no need to go hunting online for problems of greater difficulty.


5.      Raise your hand. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when the going gets tough. Work together with your friends, post your questions of Facebook, or search for problem-solving instructions on websites like

(Tips submitted by  Allison Barchichat, East Cobb Math Tutoring.)

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