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Features stories on East Cobb residents doing good and giving back to the community. A place for East Cobbers to recognize random acts of kindness and announce volunteer opportunities.

Memorial Day Moment of Remembrance 3pm Monday. Honor the reason for the day.

In 1996, a humanitarian organization based in Washington, D.C., known as ‘No Greater Love’ conducted a survey on children and asked them why do they think there is a holiday on Memorial Day.

Their remarks were all associated with barbecues and extended weekend parties and celebration, while they hadn’t the vaguest idea about the sacrifices of the soldiers in whose honor it is celebrated. One of the children was even quoted as saying that this was the day when swimming pools open! Thus, the idea of ‘National Moment of Remembrance’ was created to remind every American, especially the younger generation– know about the real meaning of the holiday.

The idea clicked with the President and Congress and since 1997, it became a standard American tradition. National Moment of Remembrance requires everybody to keep silent for a minute, exactly at 3.00 pm (local time) when ‘Taps’ is played and honor those who have shed blood for us. This video provides a broader perspective for Memorial Day by reminding us of the human cost of war on both sides…



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Detling Cole, LLC Collects More than Two Tons for Georgia Legal Food Frenzy


Detling Cole, LLC is thrilled to announce that the firm collected more than two tons* of food in this year’s Georgia Legal Food Frenzy , an annual statewide food drive benefiting the Georgia Food Bank Association and its local partners. Nonperishable food and funds were collected from April 20 through May 1, 2015 and were personally delivered to the Atlanta Community Food Bank upon completion of the drive.

1 in 7 people in metro Atlanta and north Georgia depends on food pantries and meal service programs to
feed themselves and their families each year, including more than 164,000 children who will rely on food
bank assistance when school is out for the summer. Detling Cole, LLC and more than 275 firms statewide joined forces to raise the equivalent of 1,181,412 pounds ($289,242.50 in funds + 24,442 pounds of food) to stock the shelves of Atlanta Community Food Bank and its partner facilities.

“We’re sincerely appreciative of those who donated food and funds and helped us spread the word.
Everyone’s contributions will go a long way towards fighting hunger across the State of Georgia and in the communities we serve,” said Mackenzie Cole, a Partner in the firm.

* Calculated based on number of pounds of food collected and the food equivalent of number of dollars
raised, with $1 = 4 pounds of food


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Community panel to discuss mental health


The May Neighborhood Safety Commission Community Awareness Committee’s panel discussion on mental health will be 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 20, in the BOC Room, second floor, 100 Cherokee St., Marietta. Government Access Channel TV23 will broadcast the discussion.  Please join us in the audience or watch on TV23.

The panel members will include Community Services Board member Tod Citron, Assistant District Attorney Kim Schwartz, Probate Court Judge Kelli Wolk, consumer Ramona Charles, National Alliance on Mental Illness representative Neill Blake, Cobb Sheriff’s Office Lt. Becky Westenberger and moderator Joel Cope.


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Kiwanis Club hosts record-setting sweets auction

Spring Auction1

Matt Flournoy (center) with his cake for Miss Jo.


The 5th Annual Spring Auction held by the Kiwanis Club of Marietta on May 8, set a fund raising record for Graduate Marietta, the Club’s Major Emphasis Project. Evolving from the Club’s Dessert Auction, the Spring Auction lots included a wide variety of beautiful desserts, with flavors ranging from coconut to banana to strawberry to Kahlua brownie.  Non-dessert items up for bid included jewelry, chiropractic services, gift baskets, flower arrangements, and a coffee service.

When bidding closed on the silent auction, auctioneer Dean Crownover of My Benefit Auctioneer started the action on the live auction. For the third year in a row, he kept the crowd energetic, encouraging the bidding wars that broke out on occasion, and helped the Club maximize the benefit to Graduate Marietta. Attorney Matt Flournoy set the mood by bidding $102 for a polka-dotted caramel banana cake from Sugarplum Visions, in honor of Miss Jo, a 102-year-old friend he had recently visited. Next up was a deliciously decadent spice cake trifle gorgeously presented in a tall glass dish from Adriane’s Delectables. The action continued through the lots, with some especially enthusiastic bidding for the delicate Rutherford China coffee service donated by Phil Pennartz in honor of his late wife.

Rounding out the live auction was the item that provoked the most buzz in the weeks leading up to the event: a diamond ring, featuring three princess-cut diamonds set on either side of a round, ¾-carat center stone, all in an antique 18 karat white gold setting. Generously donated by attorneys Michael and Shelia Manely of the Manely Firm, it hammered down at a tidy sum to push the auction total over the top.

By raising over $6,000 for the Club’s Major Emphasis fund, this event leaves next year’s auction organizers with their work cut out for them. The Kiwanis Club of Marietta wants to thank all the sponsors and bidders who made this event such a success. Do you need a place to pay your civic dues? If so, please contact Pat Huey, Executive Director at for information on joining the Kiwanis Club of Marietta.


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Flags available for local businesses

Flag photo3


Ever wonder where all those flags come from that appear around Marietta and East Cobb during patriotic holidays? They are part of The Flag Project of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta. Kiwanis Past President David Miller initiated The Flag Project in 1997 as a way to raise money for the Marietta Kiwanis Scholarship fund and other youth service projects. Each year the flags are displayed by Marietta Kiwanians along with family and friends throughout Cobb County on six national holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day, 9/11 and Veterans Day.

Due to great support from the community over the past 18 years, the Kiwanis Club of Marietta has displayed over 1,550 flags and raised over $171,000 in scholarships dollars!

Would you like to sponsor a flag or Flags? The cost is only $25 annually for each flag and the donation is tax deductible. For more information, contact Executive Director Pat Huey at

A phenomenal woman; Delores Bunch-Keemer


Delores Bunch-Keemer


The daughter of Cleopatra Jones, unsung Civil Rights leader and community volunteer, Delores Bunch-Keemer, now Executive Director of Atlanta-based Giving A Hand, Inc., began following in her mother’s footsteps at a young age.

“It’s simply in my blood to reach out and be active in the community,” says Bunch-Keemer.

Recognizing Bunch-Keemer for her lifelong commitment to community leadership, the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics & Character at Kennesaw State University (KSU) named her the 2015  Phenomenal Woman of the Year at its Annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference on March 20, 2015.

The Institute set a precedent as it ushered in the 2000 millennial year, celebrating women through a conference experience where women join together to exchange ideas about leadership, motivation, and progress around the world. The distinction is particularly meaningful for Bunch-Keemer as a KSU  graduate and Presidential Fellow for the university. While KSU gave her the tools to launch and continue in a career that strives to help others, Bunch-Keemer has come full-circle with the desire her
mom instilled in her, which is to serve the community.

Bunch-Keemer’s illustrious career path spans from working with President Jimmy Carter at the Carter
Center in Atlanta, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin with her Gateway initiative, and Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue on various community programs and outreach. She has also worked on community engagement initiatives with President Barack Obama.

The idea for her nonprofit, Giving A Hand, Inc., was actually born out of community service  volunteering. As Bunch-Keemer was collecting resources from organizations throughout Atlanta to redistribute to those in need, she discovered that Staples threw away products that did not meet certain specifications to sell in their stores.

“Knowing about nonprofits and their needs, I sent Staples a proposal of what I could do with the products they were wasting,” says Bunch-Keemer. “They initially offered me 5 pallets of office supplies and then eventually increased that to 50 pallets,” says Bunch- Keemer. “I couldn’t believe it.”

The redistribution of Staples’ products served as an impetus for the creation of Giving A Hand, Inc., a nonprofit that provides nonprofit agencies, churches, and public schools in five metro counties with resources, such as food, clothing, medical, and office supplies. Not stopping there, she has joined with collaborative partners to offer more services under the Giving A Hand umbrella. Through joint efforts with collaborative partners, the nonprofit has added: job training, housing programs, and children’s programming. Through its SPARKLE initiatives, children participate in arts performance, public speaking, and athletic instruction to form an enrichment program and youth tour ensemble. Seeing is believing, and seeing the impact of bridging the need gap is a game changer, one where Bunch-Keemer is writing the rules one phenomenal reach at a time.

This Siegel Institute 2015 Phenomenal Woman of the Year, Delores Bunch-Keemer, encourages anyone
interested in volunteering or finding out more about Giving A Hand to visit the organization’s website: The nonprofit’s headquarters are located at 620 Interchange Drive Southwest.


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Who’s that on our May cover?


Featured on our cover this month is Brittney Tomczak, this year’s EAST COBBER Mother of the Year with her three children: Delaney, age 8; Dauson, age 4; and, Daring, 3 months old.

“I am so flattered and honored that my husband, Justin, nominated me,” says Brittney.

Juggling the homeschooling of her two older children and managing her newborn’s feeding schedule “tries my patience, but I really enjoy watching them learn and grow.”

See page 6 in our May issue for the winning “Mother of the Year” essay and page 7 for a list of gifts for the Mother of the Year donated by local merchants.

Cover photo taken by Michael Drewitz of Michael’s Photography.


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District Two show to discuss elder abuse

cobb county logo


A new episode of 2 TALK with Bob Ott will air at 8 pm on Thursday, May 7, on Government Access Channel TV23. The show, hosted by the commissioner, highlights stories, accomplishments and insights into what makes District Two a great place to live and do business. The newest episode deals with the issue of elder abuse. Featured guests will include Assistant District Attorney Jason Marbutt, Solicitor General Barry Morgan, Senior Services Director Jessica Gill and Marietta Police Chief Dan Flynn.

TV23 can be found on channel 23 for Comcast and Charter cable customers. AT&T U-verse customers will need to tune to channel 99 and then select Cobb County Government. The show is also available on YouTube by clicking here.

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East Cobb Business Association Lunch ‘n Learn with Bob Littell, Chief Netweaver

East Cobb Business Association (ECBA) will host a Lunch ‘n Learn with Bob Littell, Chief Netweaver, on Tuesday May 5, 2015.
In “The Heart and Art of Netweaving” (2003), Bob Littell notes that “Artichokes and NetWeaving have something in common: After you peel away the outside layers of the artichoke, you eventually get to the core – the most luscious and appealing part, the heart.”
For more than a decade, Bob Littell has been teaching and coaching Netweavers around the globe how to “pay it forward” through networking, connecting people and serving as a resource to others, often without an immediate return, while having a significant impact in both business and personal endeavors.
On Tuesday, May 5, 11:30am-1pm at the East Cobb Public Library, join Bob and the East Cobb Business Association for a lunch ‘n learn session about Netweaving. Lunch is “on us”, so bring your notepads and your questions for an informative 90 minutes with the Chief Netweaver, Bob Littell.


After decades of experience in the insurance and financial services industry, Bob Littell wrote a couple of books entitled “Power Netweaving” and “The Heart and Art of Netweaving” and has been writing, teaching, and consulting about Netweaving ever since. He can be found on Twitter at @chiefnetweaver and on LinkedIn.

To register for the Lunch and Learn, visit



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Cobb County proud to dedicate Hong Way


Cobb County honored David and Helga Hong Wednesday with the naming of a road for their family at the Mountain View Aquatic Center. Community leaders lauded the couple’s years of extensive volunteer work and cited their community activism as the reason for the recognition. The newly named road serves as access to the aquatic center.


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