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Faith Lutheran Rally Day is September 7

Faith Lutheran Church & School is having a Sunday School and school rally day picnic and on Sunday, September 7. Worship services are at 8 and 11am and the picnic begins at 12:30pm. The community is invited to attend the celebration.  Meat will be provided for the picnic but attendees are encouraged to bring side dishes.


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Got church news?

St. Peter and St. Paul.

To have your religious organization’s events included in the EAST COBBER please send details to


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Register for the Fall Consignment Sale at St. Peter & St. Paul


Seller registration is open for the Kids Consignment Sale at The Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Consign your gently used children’s fall/winter clothing (size 0-14), toys, baby equipment and furniture. Sellers receive 70% of the selling price. $5 administration fee to register, no other fees apply. Plus, volunteers shop the pre-sale!

Visit for more information and to register. Sale dates are Friday, September 5 and Saturday, September 6.

The Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is located at 1795 Johnson Ferry Road in East Cobb.


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Mt. Zion UMC invites community to non-traditional service

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church (UMC)  invites the public to an additional service titled “The Summit” on Sundays from 9 to 9:45 in the chapel. This is a non-traditional service. Casual attire is encouraged.

The service will have a loose structure with modern music. Deborah Haag, Mt. Zion’s assistant pastor and youth minister, will deliver the message for “The Summit,” which will include the ideals of the church. 

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church is at 1770 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. For more information, call (770) 971-1465.


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Tickets available for “One Family-One Promise-One Song” Concert

Family Promise of Cobb County (FPCC) invites everyone to the “One Family-One Promise-One Song” concert on Friday, September 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Transfiguration Catholic Church.

“Choirs and musical groups from 13 local congregations will perform to help raise money for homeless families in Cobb County,” said FPCC Executive Director Camilla Worrell. “Now in its second year, the One Family concert will be one of FPCC’s biggest fundraisers of the year[GH1] .”

Tickets are $20 for premium seating and $10 for regular seating and available at participating churches or at or at the door. Transfiguration Catholic Church, 1815 Blackwell Road, Marietta GA 30066

“Homeless families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population,” said Family Promise President Fred Massey, owner of Massey Automotive and member of St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church. “Here in Cobb County, we may not think of it, but single mothers and veterans are the new faces of homelessness. With over 1,600 homeless Cobb school children, there is a clear call for more action by the faith-based community.”

FPCC’s Host congregations assist families with children by providing lodging, meals, and caring hospitality for one week, four times each year on a rotating schedule. Additional support congregations assist the FPCC network by providing volunteers, meals, and funds.

Local congregations that serve as FPCC host congregations are: Acworth UMC, Annunciation Episcopal, Christ Episcopal Church, Covenant Presbyterian Church, East Cobb UMC, Pilgrimage United Church of Christ, St. Andrew UMC, St. Benedict’s Episcopal, St. Catherine’s Episcopal Church, St. James Episcopal Church, Mt. Zion UMC, Smyrna Church of the Nazarene, Transfiguration Catholic Church, Unity North Atlanta Church, and Zion Baptist Church.

FPCC, which opened in January 2014, is a non-traditional shelter where homeless families spend one week with local area faith based congregations. The local organization is an independent affiliate of Family Promise, a national organization founded in 1988. This interfaith organization was founded with the mission of addressing the immediate needs of homeless families with children. To find out more about Family Promise of Cobb County and to donate to this cause, please visit


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Faith Lutheran Church and School Hires New Music Teacher


Faith Lutheran Church and School has announced their new music director is Thomas Walkenhorst of Rochester, MI. Thomas is a recent graduate of Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and Voice and a minor in Choral Music. He attended Lutheran Schools in both grade school and high school and is very eager to share God’s wonderful gift of music with the children and adults of Faith.

He comes very highly recommended by the two elementary and middle school principals he worked under as student teacher and long term substitute teacher. When contacted,  both principals responded right away to share the high regard they had for Thomas and the work he provided at their schools. They both enthusiastically recommended him. Outside of music Thomas likes playing basketball & volleyball and working with computers.

Thomas will teach ECE through 8th grade music classes, lead the school choirs, direct band and handbells and serve as the church music director, which will include directing the adult choir, handbells and leading the contemporary worship service.

Faith Lutheran School is located at 2111 Lower Roswell Road in East Cobb. Learn more at

(Submitted by Daryl Kruse, Principal)


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JFBC offers support groups

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church offers support groups for a variety of needs including:

Divorce Care (adult, children, and teen groups)
Adult Survivors of Childhood Sex Abuse
Cancer Support
Parents of Prodigals
Hearts of Hope for families of those in same-sex attraction
In His Love for families dealing with gender identity issues

For more about Johnson Ferry Baptist Church groups, contact Barbara Jarratt, counseling ministry assistant, at 770-794-2978.


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A Meditation for Teachers based on 1 Corinthians 13


As the school year begins, teachers may find this meditation useful on stressful days.

I may be fluent in all 94 languages spoken by the families of students at my school, but if I am not courteous and respectful, parents will say I am unapproachable; pupils will say I never listen; other members of staff will say I am arrogant. A voice void of compassion is about as welcome as the sound of a dentist’s drill … or fingernails being slowly scraped down a chalkboard!

I may know how to assess, plan and teach the perfect lesson; I may have a higher degree in curriculum development or child psychology; I may even have faith in my ability to conquer the marking mountain that covers my desk; but if I do not love the students I teach I need to consider whether I’m in the right profession after all.

I may buy expensive things for the classroom with my own money; I may do countless hours of unpaid schoolwork every weekday evening and most term-time weekends; but if I do not love the students I teach then all I stand to gain by my heroic acts of self-sacrifice is a large dose of burn-out, breakdown and bankruptcy.

Communication skills, subject knowledge, experience, qualifications, hard work and personal generosity – though important – are not enough. If a teacher does not LOVE her students her efforts are in vain.

A loving teacher is patient and kind. She builds confidence and self-esteem; she is sensitive to the fact that no two students … or parents … or colleagues are ever the same. She gives words of encouragement and reassurance to every student; and she is prepared to explain a concept again … and again … and again until it sinks in. She makes positive eye contact and smiles a lot.

A loving teacher does not envy the fact that another teacher appears to have an entire class of perfectly-behaved, straight-A students. Instead, she celebrates their success.

A loving teacher does not boast if she happens to have an entire class of perfectly-behaved, straight-A students, nor does she try to take all the credit for their achievements!

A loving teacher is always humble and polite. She is never proud or rude; she is never dismissive or condescending; and she never gossips, swears or blasphemes.

A loving teacher does not advance her own career at the expense of her students or her colleagues. Instead, she strives to protect her students by putting their needs first. She is confident and assertive, rather than selfish or pushy. At all times, she is considerate of the thoughts and feelings of others.

A loving teacher does not lose her temper every five minutes. She recognizes those situations when she needs to stop and count to ten in her head before saying anything she might later regret. She knows that, when provoked, she should remain calm and in control.

Although a loving teacher may have to keep a record of student misconduct in accordance with her school’s behavior policy, she steadfastly refuses to give up on those students who break the rules. She is always fair and never holds a grudge. She remembers that every student is made in the image of God; and she reminds her class that every lesson offers a new beginning.

She celebrates good behavior and academic progress instead of getting hung up about a few minor misdemeanors or a handful of disappointing pieces of work. She praises honesty in others and is honest herself; she trusts, and is trusted by, those around her; she is the embodiment of hope and perseverance.

A great teacher radiates PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE and, most important of all, LOVE. Is it any wonder then that the greatest teacher is Jesus?

(This meditation by Rupert Kaye was first published in the Summer 2006 edition of ACT Now, the membership magazine of the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT). © 2004 ACT. All rights reserved.)


Do you have a favorite prayer from your faith? Email Be sure to include “Faith” in the subject line. 

JELF event to feature Clark Howard: What Cyber Criminals Want From You and How You Can Stop Them


The Jewish Educational Loan Fund (JELF) invites the community to a special event featuring consumer expert Clark Howard on Wednesday, August 13, 5:30-7:30pm at Maggiano’s Buckhead.

Every day across America, Clark Howard’s voice is heard on more than 150 stations advising consumers how to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. It’s more than just a motto for Clark; it’s a way of life. As a successful entrepreneur, radio host, TV personality, best-selling author and newspaper columnist, the Atlanta-based multimedia magnate is dedicated to helping Americans of all means get ahead in life.

Tickets are $36 for age 35 and under, $54 for general admission. Reservations may be made online at or by calling 770-396-3080. Maggiano’s Buckhead is located at 3368 Peachtree Road NE.

JELF partners with Jewish students in a five state region (FL, GA, SC, NC and VA) to fulfill their potential by providing last dollar, interest-free loans for post-secondary education.


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St. Andrew UMC Reminds Everyone That “Church Is a Fall Sport” at Tailgate Party on August 16


St. Andrew United Methodist Church of Marietta will invites everyone to an August 16, 2014 Tailgate Party featuring food, games, inflatables, and live music performed by Greater Lights Christian band. The fun at the St. Andrew Youth House beside the St. Andrew UMC Sanctuary will last from 4 – 6 p.m.

In the event of inclement weather, the “party” will move into the St. Andrew UMC Keheley Center.

“Most people think of autumn as the time when children go back to school and football season kicks off,” said Lisa Springer, director of program ministries at St. Andrew UMC. “We at St. Andrew scheduled our Tailgate Party to remind everyone that ‘Church is a Fall Sport’, too.”

“We encourage everyone to join us for food, fun, and musical entertainment as we celebrate the arrival of autumn and everything that goes with it,” added Rev. Mack Riley, senior pastor at St. Andrew UMC. “Friends, neighbors, and anyone looking for a nurturing church family are all welcome. A lot of us look forward to this time of year for various reasons, and we encourage everyone to make Sunday School and worship an integral part of their fall calendar.”

Musical entertainment for the Tailgate Party will be provided by Greater Lights, a Christian Rock group from Marietta. Based out of Marietta, Georgia. Greater Lights is an up and coming Christian rock band formed in 2013. Though each of its five band members live in different cities spread across Georgia, the chemistry between them musically and spiritually is undeniable. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tim Nugent once said, “I’ve never been in a band that meshed so well. It’s like we’ve all played together for years.” Members of the band have shared the stage with accomplished musicians and bands such as David Crowder, Tenth Avenue North, Mercy Me, and Lecrae. Their intense love for Christ and spreading the Gospel can be heard in their music and seen in their live experience.

St. Andrew United Methodist Church celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. Founded in April 1962 by a small group of dedicated Methodists who originally met at Blackwell School, St. Andrew United Methodist Church takes pride in being a family of caring, nurturing followers of Jesus Christ who welcome all those seeking to know and grow in God’s service.

Church founders chose the name St. Andrew because the apostle Andrew is considered a “do-er,” doing the work of the Lord. The first sanctuary, completed in 1964, is now our Community Room. Today, our church family has grown to include more than 350 families dedicated to doing the work of the Lord. Church members accomplish this through a wide range of ministries.


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