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Video of the Week: Understanding the Cobb County Schools Budget

Watch this video for a deeper look at the Cobb County Schools Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 and its impact on local residents. Courtesy

Video of the Week – Lassiter Prom 2013, A Night of Kindness

11 Alive News recently visited the Lassiter High School prom to feature a story for their “Random Act of Kindness” segment. Donnie Gooding and Jessica Wilson, two Lassiter students with cerebral palsy who are in wheelchairs, recently attended prom. AMS vans graciously donated a wheelchair van for two so that Jessica and Donnie could ride together to the dance. Aspens Restaurant also donated a complimentary dinner for the two students. The “Random Act of Kindness” continued throughout the evening as fellow Lassiter High School students welcomed the couple with an inspiring round of applause. The kindheartedness also carried over to the crowing of the prom king and queen. Without even knowing they had been selected prom king and queen, Emma Kate Protis and James Rowe invited the special couple to be part of the prom court. Lassiter High School’s Prom Queen, Emma Kate Protis, was escorted by Donnie Gooding. Prom King, James Rowe, was escorted by Jessica Wilson.


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Video of the week: East Cobb student attends Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Massachusetts

East Cobb’s Markelle Gay is a student at Walnut Hill School of the Arts in Natick, Massachusetts, near Boston. Gay transferred to Walnut Hill after completing his freshman year at Walton High School.

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is an international leader in the education of young artists that combines renowned training in five artistic disciplines – dance, music, theater,visual art and creative writing – with an innovative and rigorous college preparatory curriculum. At Walnut Hill, young artists learn how to work hard in order to excel in the arts, in academics and in life. Located right outside the vibrant city of Boston, students have a wide variety of options to perform and exhibit their work, while being supported by a talented faculty who has studied, performed and achieved at the highest levels of their fields. Walnut Hill students have an excellent record of placement in leading colleges, universities, art schools, and conservatories worldwide.

Video of the Week: Book Exchange does the Harlem Shake



The Harlem Shake is sweeping East Cobb! Authors mix it up with local indie bookstore owner Cat Blanco, Renea Winchester, Echo Garrett, and Ann Hite. Visit Book Exchange:, 2932 Canton Road, (770) 427-4848.


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Video of the Week: New tag tax explained

Georgia drivers will see a new tax on all vehicle purchases, leases and trades starting on Mar. 1.

The title ad valorem tax will replace sales taxes on vehicles and the annual ad valorem tax, known as the “birthday tax.”

The new tax will start at 6.5 percent of the vehicle’s value. It will go up to 6.75 percent in 2014 and 7 percent in 2015.

It applies to anyone who buys, leases or trades a car.

“They have to pay it when they get their title and registration,” said Clint Mueller, Legislative Director for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. “Before they can drive that car on the road, they have to have a tag. Before they can get that tag, they have to pay the tax.”


Video of the Week: The Humane Society of Cobb County

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

The Humane Society of Cobb County regularly features pets available for adoption on Fox5 news. The Humane Society of Cobb County (HSCC) is an independent, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) humane animal welfare charity founded in 1957. A no-kill shelter serving Cobb County and the surrounding area, their mission is to promote humane welfare and responsible animal guardianship through educational community outreach, shelter, and spay/neuter programs. With the assistance of dedicated, caring volunteers and generous supporters, the Humane Society’s programs continue to provide help and hope in the lives of innocent animals in need and the people that care for them.

Is your pet waiting at the Humane Society of Cobb County? Visit them online at

Video of the Week: The American Youth Council

The American Youth Council was founded to help children in as many ways as possible to receive support and encouragement from the adult participants in their lives. And to bring high level focus to problems affecting children today such as drugs, alcohol, homelessness, poverty and foster care.

Since 2006, this 501 (c)(3) public charity has been a coordinating organization that develops ‘touch points’ where individuals, organizations, schools and companies can plug in. And to reach those children most at-risk and in need.

They have developed nationally-recognized youth sports programs, the second largest Christmas party for homeless and disadvantaged children in the world, an alcohol and drug intervention program, and distribution programs of clothing, toys, diapers and books for local, national and international aid outreach programs.

To date, AYC has provided over $500,000 in support and donations to over 10,000 children. This video was created by filmmaker Peyton Gifford following the Cobb Senior Bowl VI event in December.

Video of the Week: Walton Chorus performs in NYC

Students from the Walton High School chorus performed at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City in January, 2013. Bravo!

Video of the Week: Faith Lutheran School RoboEagles

Students from Faith Lutheran School’s RoboEagles performing their Mobility for Life project at the 2012 FLL Senior Solutions challenge. Their team worked with seniors and doctors to come up with exercises to help senior citizens stay mobile.

Faith Lutheran School is located at 2111 Lower Roswell Road in East Cobb. Learn more at

Video of the Week: East Cobb Astros

It’s almost baseball season! Spring sports deadlines are filling the calendar and kids across East Cobb are sharpening their skills getting ready to play. Put some spring in your step with this video of East Cobb Astros players and their rendition of “Call Me Maybe” during a summer 2012 bus ride.

For the latest East Cobb sports registration deadlines, visit our online calendar.