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Cobb Alcohol Taskforce recognizes Red Ribbon Week every October 23-31. Red Ribbon Week aims to raise awareness about nationwide drug problems and gives parents and educators the opportunity to discuss drug and alcohol use with youth and children. Cobb Alcohol Taskforce Youth Council invites other youth to join them in recognizing Red Ribbon Week by posting on Facebook.

See the directions below for how to participate:

  1. Download Above The Influence (ATI) logo here:
  2. Take photo to illustrate you are “above the influence.” Cut/paste digital ATI logo onto photo OR draw ATI logo and include in your photo.
  3. Post your photo with ATI logo on Cobb Alcohol Taskforce Facebook page:

“The Cobb Alcohol Taskforce takes special notice during Red Ribbon Week. We want to promote an alcohol-free lifestyle by encouraging adults to help reduce underage drinking and youth binge drinking,” says Cathy Finck, Executive Director, Cobb Alcohol Taskforce.

To learn more about Red Ribbon Week visit

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