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Don’t Forget to Vote! Run-Off Election Tuesday!‏

Don’t Forget –  Run-Off Election  on Tuesday, August 21st!  Polls Open 7am – 7pm

Know Before you Go! Check out the Run-Off Voter Guide at

Run-Off Election FAQ:

If you did not vote in the primary election you are still eligible to vote in the run-off election

If you selected a partisan ballot in the primary you must request the same partisan ballot in the run-off.

If you requested an non-partisan ballot in the primary you will be able to request a partisan ballot of either party.   For those with non-partisan run-offs you may request a non-partisan ballot.

Some Run-Off Races are partisan and some are non-partisan. See LWVGA Voter Guide for your ballot.     

Election Check List    

  • Make sure to check voter registration, sample ballot, and poll location through the Secretary of State Office.  Due to recent redistricting, voters may find themselves in new districts for both state offices and county offices.
  • Voters should carry an acceptable photo identification to the polls. Information on Voter Photo ID Cards, and the full list of acceptable photo identification is available here.
  • NEVER be turned away form the polls without casting a ballot.    You have the right to cast a provisional (paper ballot) if there is an issue with your registration or Photo ID.
  •  Finally, remind your friends, family, and community members of the importance of voting. Every year is a crucial election year, so take a friend to the polls with you!

 Call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687- 8683) to report voting problems.

(Source: League of Women Voters) 

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