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East Cobb Dads Drumming and Strumming


Keith Lindsay, Randy Agnew, Kurt Waldner, Hector Chaviano

As long as there have been cities there have been suburbs, or so it seems. And all too often, the suburbs get a bad rap – strip malls, fences and Friday nights filled with potluck dinners and high school football. But four East Cobb dads are taking back the ‘burbs’, one party at a time.

In 2007, GE employees (and East Cobb residents) Hector Chaviano and Kurt Waldner discovered they had a shared hobby – rocking out in their spare time. They got together for a couple of jam sessions. Kurt brought a buddy from church who played guitar (Randy Agnew) who, in turn, asked his drummer friend (Keith Lindsay) to come along. At the first group session, Chaviano said the group “just clicked,” and Suburban Angst was born.

Fast forward four years and the four-man band rocks harder than ever. They play regular gigs around town, including O’Shaughnessy’s on Shallowford Road and at East Cobb Park. Suburban Angst is also available for private events and parties and will be featured at the EAST COBBER Festival on September 10, 2011.

They play a diverse set of well-known alternative favorites, covers from the 80s, 90s and 00s and even some deeper cuts to keep things interesting.

“One of the cool things about us is it just keeps clicking,” said Chaviano. “Everyone (in the band) understands we all have real priorities (like jobs and family).”

With full-time jobs, wives and kids ranging in age from elementary to college students, the band members strive to shake up their mini-van driving suburban existence and have a good time.

“It’s a hobby, but we take it seriously. We try to play well,” Chaviano said.

Catch Suburban Angst at the 16th Annual EAST COBBER Parade & Festival on September 10 at the Fountains of Olde Town Shopping Centre, 736 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, or visit them online at

(Written by Elizabeth Wentz. Reprinted from the September 2011 print edition of EAST COBBER.) 

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