EAST COBBER’s Pet of the Week: Niles


EAST COBBER’s Pet of the Week: Niles


Pet’s Name: Niles

Animal/Breed: Whippet

Age & Gender: Male

Favorite Food: Chicken, rice & egg from Nickiemoto’s in Midtown

Favorite Person: My dad, Mike

Best Trick:  Jumping up in the air off all 4’s and doing a 360, of course as I get older I am a little slower

Turn Ons: Going with my dad to the cabin in Blue Ridge

Turn Offs: NOT going with my dad anywhere

Favorite Toy: My Geico Gecko

Last Seen: with wide open eyes and a heart of true love

(Submitted by Mike Clemons)


Should your pet be our Pet of the Week? Email details to cynthia@eastcobber.com.  Don’t forget to include a photo!

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