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Free Mulch

Cobb EMC offers free mulch from the clearance maintenance of Cobb EMC power lines.  It is available throughout the year and can be delivered when crews are in your area.  More info:  678-355-3413.


  1. Sherry Richardson says:


    1791 Ashbury Point dr.
    Marietta ,Ga. 30066


  2. Mike Drake says:

    Just a followup on Cobb EMC, I called the number and was answered by the Forestry dept for CobbEMC. The lady said they only deliver at this time and there is a long waiting list, it is June 2015. I am guessing at the date of the original post Cobb EMC must have had a lot of mulch available due to storm activity they had to clean up on. From what I gathered, the availability of this depends on the time of the year. If there is a lot of cleanup going on, you will have better luck getting this.

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