Helmet Stickers – Revelation 2:23

I will give to everyone according to your works.

Remember the gold stars that you earned as an elementary student for good grades and helping the teacher? ESPN aired a story about the clever use of helmet stickers in college football. One of the first schools to use stickers was Miami of Ohio in the early 1960’s. Fifty years later college players are very particular about receiving stickers for good plays. Each week many coaching staffs grade film and award stickers for outstanding plays. There are variations from team to team. For example, Stanford University awards axe blades, Vanderbilt University awards ship anchors, and Clemson University awards tiger paws. The University of Georgia awards white dog bones for good football plays and black dog bones for academic achievement.

Although we will never get to heaven because of good deeds, God will award us in heaven for our earthly good deeds performed in the name of Jesus Christ. The awards will be in the form of a crown that is adorned in a way that measures up to our contributions to the kingdom. The number and types of awards will be exactly suited to us. They will vary from person to person. In heaven we will agree exactly with what God has awarded each person, and there will be no jealousy.

There are opportunities all around us to share his love. What will you do to earn a helmet sticker from the Lord?

Prayer: Dear Lord, I look forward to seeing the fancy helmet stickers that you will have for me in heaven. I realize that I don’t get all of them now because I would think it’s all about me instead of you. I will wait patiently for your rewards and give you the glory in the meantime. In the name of your Son who went to the cross for me, amen.

(Reprinted from Final Score Books.com. Written by East Cobber Dan Farr. In his educational and reflective collection of devotions and short stories designed for sports fans, Final Score! Sports Devotions Volume I, Coach Dan Farr connects the world of sports, his knowledge of the Bible, and everyday experiences to help readers see the gospel in fresh, creative ways. Just as Jesus taught people with parables, Dan uses the modern-day equivalent of sports and their players to enable any reader to understand the free gift that God gives. Dan and his wife, Becca, have two daughters, Allison and Jillian. Dan is the Chairperson of Evangelism and the Youth Sports Ministry Coordinator at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church where he has been a member for over twenty-five years. Dan founded the Mt. Zion UMC Hoops2Heaven Ministry in 1989 and has been involved as a director or coach since that time. He is also a certified lay speaker with the United Methodist Church. Contact Dan through his website http://finalscorebooks.com.)

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