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Judge Greg Poole Campaign Kickoff

Judge Greg Poole

Judge Greg Poole

Judge Greg Poole, candidate for Cobb Superior Court, will be having a Campaign Kickoff Reception on Tuesday, May 17th. The event will be held at the Marietta Educational Garden Center, 505 Kennesaw Avenue, Marietta from 5:30-7:30pm.

Judge Poole currently serves as a Juvenile Court Judge in Cobb County and has worked as an Assisting Superior Court Judge for the past eight years. Judge Poole is seeking to replace retiring judge Dorothy Robinson in the 2012 election.


  1. Gregory Poole is a disgrace to the judicial bench. He is incapable of keeping his personal emotions, feelings, and thoughts separate from the letter of the law. This man has a nerotic need for power and not only abuses the letter and spirit of the law, but he abuses children because of his lack of professionalism. He should have never been placed in a position of authority w/o the check and balance system. He was a failure as a practicing attorney and he is just as incompetent as a sitting judge.

    • Judge A. Gregory Poole is a very compassionate, knowledgeable man and Judge. In observing his handling of many cases for several years, he’s consistant with his no- nonsense approach and equally just, and fair. His directness may confound some, and it seems he can detect a ruse easier than most. So, it may be the previous commentator was confounded?

    • Dara Hosch, MD FAAP says:

      This man is more concerned about being elected to another term than protecting the innocent children who are affected by his decisions. He brags about reunifying families successfully when he is taking former victims of abuse out of stable, living foster homes so they can return to their abusive, neglectful biological mothers. He apparently doesn’t care about physician statements or recommendations and objective opinions from guardian ad litems. As a local pediatricion, I pray that he will not be elected again. Protect our children and vote him out of office.

  2. Bill Davis says:

    In my opinion Judge Poole uses his own personal opinions to rule from the bech . I base my opinion on a case involving my sister in law who came before his court in an action to enforce a divorce settlement. Judge Poole allowed the defendant’s accountant to introduce into evidence a fabricated tax retun that did not even exist. Judge Poole was aware of that fact but overruled my sister in laws attorney’s objection. By allowing the introduction of this fake evidence it changed the interpretation of what the defendant was to pay based on the settlement Agreement.

    in my opinion, judge poole decided in his own mind that my sister in law had received enough compensation regardless of what the settlement Agreement required and ruled in favor the defendant. he also cut the attorney fees paid by my sister in law in half so as to further favor the defendant.

    I will not vote for Judge Poole and suggest that other consider doing likewise. i personally want judges to rule on the evidence and not make up decisions based on their own personal beliefs.

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