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Local Artisan Has Solution to Finding Cheap, Chic, and Quality Jewelry


Geometric 14K Gold Filled Earrings – $52

Quality jewelry in today’s market can be hard to find. While most companies mass produce their jewelry, producing uneven results at expensive prices, local jewelry designer Malka Miller has dedicated herself to producing products that are top-of-the-line and immensely fashionable.

For over twenty years, Malka’s bohemian chic designs have been available only at exclusive boutiques in trendy areas. Now, with the launch of, her heirloom designs are available to the public at amazingly affordable prices. A native of Israel who has been living in the East Cobb area for over 15 years, Malka blends her penchant for creativity with Southern elegance to create the perfect, timeless look.

“When I first came to East Cobb, I was immediately inspired by the grace and flair of East Cobb women,” Malka explains, “I knew my jewelry line would fit it perfectly to the East Cobb lifestyle and look.” After realizing how much of an impact affordable and elegant jewelry can have, Malka decided to grow her business to reach even more people.’s newest additions include a bridal and summer collection. Back to School collections are in process and should be set to release in early September. Beyond that, more collections and new designs are planned.

“Fashion keeps changing, and I’ll be there to set new trends.” Malka says. is headquartered in Marietta, GA and Danyael Jewelry has sold in over 200 boutiques throughout the South. Its founder and head designer is Malka Miller. For wholesale inquires, please contact Malka Miller via the website.

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