Local doctor supports chiropractic over allopathic (medical) care



James Granger, MD of East Cobb has apparently become the first medical doctor on record to state that Chiropractic and other alternative modalities should be at the forefront of the American healthcare system.

Granger makes these assertions in his newly published book, We have got it all wrong!”   In his book, Granger discusses the need to change the approach to healthcare. Obesity, cancer, pharmaceuticals, the use of vaccines, medical marijuana and other controversial aspects of the current “healthcare” system are discussed.

Granger also provides suggestions for improving individual health and the healthcare system as a whole. Many revealing facts about the pharmaceutical industry, the history and the practice of Allopathic medicine are uncovered.

According to Granger, the book is best read in an E-book format. “We have got it all wrong!” is currently available on NOOK and will soon be on Kindle.

The book can be previewed at: http://www.fastpencil.com/publications/4097-WE-HAVE-GOT-IT-ALL-WRONG

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James R. Granger, III, MD

Dr. Granger provides medical care for people injured in auto accidents and for worker’s compensation injuries in his Marietta office. Learn more about his practice, Altergyn, LLC, at www.altergyn.com

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