Local editor helps financial advisor reap praise from Nobel Prize-winning economist

Cover of Dear Kate

Dear Kate has received high praise from a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

Most people would rather forget that August marks the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Even New Orleans resident and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Brad Fortier would prefer not to think about returning to a home destroyed by flood waters and witnessing the death of a dear friend in the storm’s aftermath, but those events changed his perspective on investing, parenting, and so many other important issues in life and drove him to write Dear Kate: Reflections On Risk and Rewards After The Storm.

In this quick, easy-to-read book edited by East Cobb resident Michelle Hutchinson of Wordhelper.com, Fortier candidly admits his own flaws and failures and connects with readers on a very personal level.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Harry Markovitz calls Dear Kate “inspirational” and said, “Between its covers, you will find wisdom about life in general and financial planning in particular.”

Fortier can talk about debt because he was once buried in it and clawed his way out. He can talk about insurance because he saw what happened to people who didn’t have it. He can talk about death because he was surrounded by it.

In Dear Kate, Fortier doesn’t claim that his way is the right way and reveals that he often got lost on the road to becoming a better financial advisor, spouse, and friend, but he helps readers understand that if they too get lost, they’re not alone. In fact, for many people, getting lost is part of the journey.

Dear Kate hit bookshelves last month and is available from Joy of Living Publishing (Weehawken, NJ) and at Amazon.com.

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