OLLI Offers Students the Universe

“I’ve been interested in the stars since I was a kid,” says Alex Langoussis, who teaches Astronomy – What’s Out There? at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) of the College of Continuing and Professional Education at Kennesaw State University. “After all, astronomy doesn’t just offer you the world, it offers the universe!”

For 20+ years, Alex has volunteered at the Fernbank Science Center’s observato-ry, helping high school students with astronomy projects and assisting with open houses. His schedule as a substitute teacher for Cobb County Schools and a stay-at-home dad gave Alex the flexibility to turn his love of astronomy into a business opportunity. He offers telescope tours of the night sky for corporate events and school groups as well as teaching stargazing classes.

Our vast universe is home to a wide variety of worlds and places, in-cluding planets, comets and galaxies, as well as stars of many sizes and colors, most many light years away. Yet, they are all as close as tilting one’s head up to the sky above. In this observation-oriented class, we will help you navigate and observe the heavens above, and a full session is devoted to advice on buying and using a telescope.
In addition to his teaching skills, Alex is also a supernova hunter. He has made 22 discoveries of supernovas (exploding stars) in other galaxies.

“It’s rewarding to contribute to the science of astronomy,” he replies. “The work itself can be tedious, but the thrill of discovery is a rush that’s hard to beat and worth the effort.”

Astronomy – What’s Out There? begins October 3rd during the day. The last class will be a Saturday evening trip to a darker sky.

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