On our November Cover: Cobb County Firefighter, Eric Paloski., Sr



Pictured on our November front cover is Cobb County Firefighter, Eric Paloski., Sr. An East Cobb resident, Eric commutes to Fire Station #1 in Mableton. Every 24-hour shift he works, he must be ready to put out fires in buildings, homes, and anywhere else they occur. As a part of helping to protect people and places, Eric is responsible for providing emergency medical care at the sight of an incident, rescuing people from burning buildings or other
dangerous situations, and educating the public about fire safety.

Eric must also keep learning new things to help him improve his skills. In fact, he believes ongoing training is so important, not just for himself, but for all firefighters, that he is spearheading a campaign to raise money for the Metro Atlanta Fire Fighters Conference (MAFFC). This event is held once a year in the Metro Atlanta area that brings together hometown instructors and national instructors to offer the best possible training to firefighters at
little to no cost. MAFFC strives for excellence in training and works hard to facilitate training that would normally be out of reach due to travel and expenses.

Says Eric, “Training is usually the first to get cut out of  government budgets . . . this conference makes training affordable and accessible.” Eric and his colleagues are reaching out to the community in search of donations to help underwrite this educational conference. For more information about the MAFFC conference, read the full story on page 15 of our NOVEMBER ISSUE. Eric lives in the Chestnut Springs subdivision with his wife, Christina; son, Eric, age 8; and Megan, 6.

Front cover taken by Michael Drewitz, Michael’s Photography.

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