Pope Drama announces 2012-13 season

Pope High School Drama Club will present four shows this season. Opening night is October 19th when “The Dark Tower” takes the stage and the curtain will close in March with “Bye Bye Birdie.”  For more information, visit www.popetheater.org


October 19-20 – 7pm: “The Dark Tower”

Roland, a warrior and perhaps the son of a king, has reached the Dark Tower. After years of eschewing death, he seeks nothing but sweet release after lifetimes of wandering the Earth. At the Dark Tower, he is confronted by Three Sisters, each in her own window. While the Amber Sister taunts him, and the Silent Sister pities him, the Dark Sister encourages him to release his burdens by sharing his life story.  $15 VIP, $10 General admission, $5 students


October 28-30–7pm: Haunted Theater! “The Curse of the Pharaohs”

This community favorite is taking a twist through the pyramids of Egypt this year.    Come creep through the excavated tomb of King Tut and encounter the monsters and myths of this ancient land along the way.  $5 admission to walk through the             haunted theater.


November 29-30 and December 1–7pm: “Alice in Wonderland”

The charming, affable Narrator begins the play. The story they are about to see is     a classic. He attempts to elaborate, despite constant interruptions from the     Wonderland characters. His prologue concludes when the Queen of Hearts       marches on stage, and tells him to “get on with it!” or “Off with his head!” Naturally, he hastens to comply – she IS the Queen, after all. Opening his book, he     begins the story: “One sunny afternoon . . . ” And the panorama of Wonderland unfolds.  $15 VIP, $10 General admission, $5 students


March 14-16–7pm: “Bye Bye Birdie”

The MacAfee family and the residents of Sweet Apple, Ohio, go topsy-turvy when    teen idol Conrad Birdie comes to town to serenade one lucky fan before he enters the Army.  Elvis-style rock and roll and 1950’s dance moves will make you shake, rattle and roll!  $15 VIP, $10 General admission, $5 students


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