Send germs to the back of the class this school year



Although they are small and tiny exposure to germs can be a huge problem as children go back to school. Germs are found all over the world, in all kinds of places. There are four major types of germs: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa.

Addressing the spread of germs in schools is essential to the health of our youth, our schools, and our nation. Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold alone.

Tell your children to wash their hands for as long as it takes them to sing their ABCs, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” or the “Happy Birthday” song.” Use an antibacterial soap with warm water for best results.

Restrain from allowing your children to share drinks with their friends. Besides passing along many simple illnesses, sharing can lead to a very serious disease called meningitis, which is a bacterial or viral infection that causes headache, high fever, vomiting, and a stiff neck. Meningitis can be fatal in some cases. Also abstain from sharing personal hygiene products such as your hairbrush.

Sneezing is a leading way to pass germs onto others. It is recommended that if your child sneezes, to do so in a tissue or other disposable substance. When there are no tissues available, your child should turn and sneeze into the crook of your arm. Never allow your child to sneeze into his hands because he can spread and contract germs in large numbers by doing this.

If you think that your child may be sick, it is best to opt to keep him home from school. Of course, the older your child is, and the more he understands about how to minimize passing germs to others, it may be okay to send him along.

(Source: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.)

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