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Steve Brand, a  local executive success coach, offers a wilderness adventure that blends the great outdoors with helping participants capture a new, personal life strategy. “By combining the natural outdoor beauty, the  endorphins of vigorous exercise and seasoned counsel, we have helped so many people find their inner voice and plan for a more balanced future,” says Steve. Steve has more than 25 years of experience in leading,  mentoring, counseling and coaching individuals to be their personal best. Despite a busy career and a growing family, Steve continued to make time for his passion: hiking local trails. He decided to combine his love of the outdoors with coaching after he realized how rejuvenated and focused he felt after taking a vigorous hike in the Cohutta Wilderness. He recognized that after a day on the trail, he had more energy to give to his marriage, his children and his clients, and he wanted to extend that feeling to his clients. Steve started Life Strategy Expeditions as way to help his clients decide the lives they want to live and to develop a strategy to achieve this life.

As The Wilderness Coach™, Steve hosts one-day, three-day and week-long expeditions that include three different expedition choices. The Day Tripper is a one-day personal coaching trek in North Georgia or the Western North Carolina Appalachians. The Weekender is a three-day trek that combines coaching with various outdoor adventures in the southeast. Excursion sport options include hiking, backpacking, biking, canoeing, white-water  rafting or horseback riding. The Chance of a Lifetime expedition is a weeklong adventure. Steve works with the best outfitters and guides to organize an amazing international trip experience. The trip fees cover coaching, lodging and multi-sport options.

Additionally, Steve offers career, marriage, personal and professional counseling services in his downtown Roswell office. He leads expeditions for executives and corporate teams to identify individual strengths and a
common purpose.

Steve can be reached at 678.772.3485, or for more information visit his website:

(Paid advertisement. Reprinted from the June/July 2012 issue of EAST COBBER.) 

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