Sprayberry valedictorian knows how to do a job right


Allyson Reyer, a senior at Sprayberry High School, played softball for the Yellow Jackets, but she will become a Bulldog in college, enrolling at the University of Georgia. Photo by Jon-Michael Sullivan

She may be a twin and one of three students identified as the best in her class, but Sprayberry High Senior Allyson Reyer certainly knows how to stand out on her own.

Allyson, 17, said she thinks it’s her combination of community service, academics and sports that’s gotten her to where she is today.

“I’ve always been taught to be thorough,” she said. “If you’re going to do the job, you better get it done right.”

Allyson is president of Sprayberry’s National Honor Society, secretary of the Spanish Honor Society, an officer in the Anchor Club, volunteers with Shop with a Yellow Jacket and the Community Egg Drop, plays fast-pitch softball and powderpuff football, was voted Most Likely to Succeed by her peers, and has taken a host of AP classes since starting at the school four years ago.

“It can get overwhelming, but I know I can always depend on support from my brother, my parents and God,” said Allyson, the daughter of Tricia and Rick Reyer.

It was during a ceremony with upperclassmen her freshman year that she realized she wanted to be “super involved” in her school.

“It was a long and boring assembly, but I remember being in awe (of those recognized) and I remember being like, ‘I want to be like them,’” she said.

The top-notch student has held herself accountable, too. Being at the head of her class academically year after year and with a 4.578 GPA, Allyson (was) recognized alongside two of her peers (at Saturday’s graduation) as a valedictorian. The other two are Paul Johnson and Adam Dobson.

“It’s been a lot harder (taking AP classes),” she said. “I was just bored in on-level classes, and I’ve always just challenged myself with what I can do.”

And while she’s ready to head to the University of Georgia next fall, she said she will miss her teachers.

“I had some really awesome teachers, especially my senior year,” she said. “All I keep hearing is how in college professors don’t even know your name, so I’m going to miss that.”

In turn, she will be greatly missed by her teachers, especially Vicki Wilhelm, a Sprayberry English teacher and the National Honor Society’s adviser.

“Allyson Reyer is a leader in all senses of the word,” she said. “I have respect for such a well-rounded woman who always gives 100 percent to all aspects of her life. I will miss her next year and know that success awaits her in the honors program at UGA and in the career path she follows. She certainly represents the best of Cobb high school students.”

So, with her exceptional grades in tow and enthusiasm for being a part of Sprayberry, Allyson will head to Athens, where she has been accepted into the school’s Honors Program, with plans to study education, law or neuroscience.

“That’s what I’ve narrowed it down to,” she said. “I like writing and reading, and I’m also interested in medical stuff, more brain stuff than anything.”

She did admit that she was initially nervous about heading off to college, but that feeling has started to die down.

“I’m excited to live by myself and meet a bunch of new people,” she said.

Allyson said that no matter what she majors in, her career would have to involve traveling in some manner.

“Probably in a Spanish-speaking country so I could teach there or do medical help there,” she said. “That would be really cool. I want to learn about other cultures and not just be limited to what America is like.”

(Reprinted from the Marietta Daily Journal, May 26, 2012. Written by Lindsay Field. Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Sprayberry valedictorian knows how to do a job right.)

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