St. Ann’s Sends 30 Student Missionaries to Tampa



In June, St. Ann’s sent a team of thirty middle school students from neighboring East Cobb schools to the Catholic HEART Work Camp in Tampa. Giving up a week of their summer, the missionaries worked at 3 different locations in an effort to revitalize the community and beautify homes for the elderly, disabled and neglected.

“The experience was life changing,” said Timmy Riordan, a student at The Walker School who participated in the mission trip. “I realized that they are just like you and me and with a little help, we can make a difference in their life.”

At the Pinellas Hope Homeless Shelter located in Clearwater, a temporary emergency shelter for 250 homeless men and women whose goal is to position the residents toward self-sufficiency, the student missionaries
painted, landscaped and cleaned the living areas. In addition, they rebuilt stables for a horse rescue facility and renovated a private residence. Overall, CHWC will host 47 camps around the country with over 13,000 teens in attendance throughout the year. St. Ann’s EDGE program, middle school youth ministry, spearheaded by Jackie Kmet, Jim Herrel and Fr. John Gabriel, will send another group to the camp in Charleston, along with sending a group of teens to Project Fiat in El Salvador.

“We are very proud of our youth and their faithful service to others,” said Fr. Tom Reilly, pastor of St. Ann’s Catholic Church.

(Reprinted from the August 2012 issue of EAST COBBER.)

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