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Drug trafficker sent to prison for 65 years

Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds announces that a five-time felon has been sentenced to serve 65 years in prison for drug trafficking.

A Cobb jury late Wednesday convicted Nikita Tayaneka Winn, 43, of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, trafficking in heroin, and firearms-possession charges.

On Sept. 24, 2013, Marietta Police were conducting surveillance at the Crestmont Apartments near Bells Ferry Road and Cobb Parkway after complex managers had complained of possible drug activity near the building where the defendant was staying with a tenant. Police encountered one of the defendant’s customers trying to make a purchase, and that led to a search of the defendant’s room and discovery of the drugs, digital scales, a knife and gun, and more than $3,500 in small bills.

“[Drug trafficking is] destruction brought onto this community and others all over this country by the work of people like Nikita Winn. He’s responsible for wrecking lives and neighborhoods with the scourge of illegal drugs. It’s time to do something about it, and that’s why we’re here,” ADA Maurice Brown told jurors.

This morning, Cobb Superior Court Judge Mary Staley sentenced Mr. Winn to serve 65 years in prison, and also fined him $1 million. He has five prior felony convictions. He also faces a separate, pending case here of giving a false name. Fulton County and the City of Atlanta also have charges pending against him.

Marietta attorney Lee Fudger represented the defendant during the trial.



Pawnshop robbery = life without parole

police car

Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds announces that a repeat offender found guilty of robbing a Marietta pawnshop has been sentenced to life without parole.

A Cobb jury late Wednesday convicted Ronald Eaton Jr., a/k/a Ronald Cornish, of the Sept. 18, 2012 armed robbery of Cobb Pawnshop on Cobb Parkway South. Shortly after 10 a.m. that day, Mr. Eaton entered the shop armed with a handgun and demanded money from the owner. He then forced the owner into a back room of the shop and duct-taped him to a chair.

“Ronald Eaton made a choice to live his 28 years of life as a criminal. As a four-time convicted felon from Baltimore, Maryland, he chose to make victims of innocent people by robbing and assaulting them as a means to meet his selfish ends,” ADA Joyette Holmes said. “The life without parole sentence handed down by the court forecloses Ronald Eaton’s opportunity to harm anyone else.”

Mr. Eaton, 28, of Marietta, was convicted of all three charges, which were armed robbery, kidnapping, and possession of a firearm during commission of a crime.

Cobb Superior Court Judge Robert E. Flournoy III immediately sentenced him as a recidivist to life in prison without parole, plus the required five years on the firearms charge.

Atlanta attorney Anthony Woods Jr. represented the defendant, who also faces pending murder charges in Maryland.

Marietta Police investigated the case. The trial began Monday with jury selection.


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Cobb PD explains attempted abduction claims at Sandy Plains Publix

Cobb County Police Department

Cobb County Police have been made aware of information circulating in an email and social media in East Cobb that warns of a “near abduction near the Publix on Sandy Plains Rd,” involving someone’s boss’s wife. It describes the suspect as a mid-50s, Latino with bushy hair and a full mustache driving a black Chevy Impala. It states that the suspect blocked her in and demanded that she get into his car.

The email has some inconsistencies with what was reported to Cobb County PD that may dispel some unnecessary alarm.
There was a Suspicious Activity report made to Cobb County PD on Tuesday, December 30, 2014. It did involve a female walking on Sandy Plains Road who was followed by the suspect similarly described in the email that has been circulating. The female reported telling the driver she did not need any help after he stopped in a turning lane and rolled down his window. He then drove away with no further contact.

Description of the suspicious male:
The complainant described the driver as a male who appeared to be Hispanic, in his 50`s, with salt & pepper hair and mustache. He was overweight with a bulbous, pockmarked nose, and the lower part of his face was rounder than the top part (pear-shaped). He may have been wearing a plaid shirt. He was driving a black Chevrolet Impala.

Again, remain vigilant as always but at this time we do not see this incident as an abduction nor desire this to cause any unnecessary alarm.

(Source: Cobb County Police Department)


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Cobb County Police investigating Fatal Crash

The Cobb County Police Department’s S.T.E.P. (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) Unit continues to investigate a fatality crash, which occurred on Robinson Road near Roswell Road in Marietta, Georgia on December 20, 2014, at approximately 7:36pm in Zone 4.

Preliminary information from investigators indicates that the rider of a silver 2003 Suzuki SV1000S motorcycle was traveling eastbound on Robinson Road toward Lecroy Drive at the same time the driver of a silver 2002 Infiniti I35 was turning left onto Robinson Road (from the parking lot of the Kroger). As the male driver of the Infiniti was turning out of the parking lot, his car was struck on the left side by the rider of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle rider was transported by ambulance to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital where he was pronounced deceased. He has been identified as 25 year old William G. Howe of Marietta, Georgia.

The driver of the Infiniti refused medical treatment at the scene and has been identified as 27 year old Jesus R. Lomelia of Marietta, Georgia.

Charges are expected to be filed in this fatality crash and anyone with information about either of the above fatality crashes is asked to call (770) 499-3987.


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Prevent Entering Autos Theft in your Neighborhood

The majority of the Entering Autos have occurred in the apartments along Terrell Mill Rd and the residential areas along Lower Roswell Rd, Powers Ferry Rd and the South Marietta Pkwy. Unlocked vehicles and valuables left in vehicles overnight are the contributing preventable factors. Guns left in vehicles have also been taken. Other scattered Entering Auto incidents have occurred along the Roswell Rd and Johnson Ferry Rd corridors.

Prevent Entering Autos by removing valuables from your vehicles every night. Providing valuables for the criminals enables them to fund their criminal enterprise. Take the profit away from their business and shut them down.

If you see something suspicious call 911 and have Cobb County PD respond and check it out.

Share your property crimes with your neighbors to keep everyone aware and watchful. That is best done through a person to coordinate that effort through a neighborhood email list.

(Source: Cobb County Police PENS Report) 

East Cobb Crime Trends: Theft of Landscape Equipment on the Rise

police car

Cobb County Police have had three reports in the past week involving the theft of landscape equipment from landscaping companies parked on the roadway while servicing yards.  One occurred off Allgood Rd on August 22, another on Hidden Lake Ct. on August 22 and an attempt off Oak Lane west of Johnson Ferry Rd on August 25.

Suspect vehicle was described as a dark gray Honda Civic with accident damage on its rear passenger side, loud muffler, occupied by 2 or 3 black males.   

Additional description of one of the suspects:   Black male, age 18-20, height 6’00” with skinny build and a Mohawk colored reddish/orange.  

Entering Autos are occurring at the Federal Parks along the Chattahoochee River and at some county parks.  Wallets with credit cards are being taken left behind in the vehicles. 

Entering Autos and Burglaries are also occurring in the apartment communities off Delk Rd and Terrell Mill.  

The seven Business Burglaries along Powers Ferry Rd in July were solved with an arrest made by morning watch officers and follow up by detectives.  In August we have had several businesses hit overnight along Roswell Rd and Johnson Ferry area with rocks being thrown in smash and grab style burglaries.  Suspect is a younger male undetermined race wearing a bandana and wearing a black long sleeve shirt and gloves. 

(Source: Cobb County Police Precint #4) 


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Police investigating armed robbery at 5th/3rd Bank on Roswell Road

The Cobb County Police Department’s Robbery Squad is investigating an armed robbery, which occurred at 2100 Roswell Road on July 22, 2014, at approximately 6:30pm.  

According to investigators, the suspect entered the 5th/3rd Bank, which is located inside the Kroger, and stated that he had a handgun and demanded money from the teller.  The suspect received an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the bank.  He was last seen running eastbound through the parking lot.


The suspect is described as a white male in his mid 40’s to early 50’s.  He is approximately 5’05”-5’07” tall with a thin build.  He had a salt and pepper “scruffy” beard.  He was last seen wearing a long sleeve gray shirt with blue sleeves, light colored shorts, sunglasses and a black baseball cap with a Georgia Bulldog logo on the front.  Suspect stated that he was armed with a gun however he never displayed one.

Anyone with information about this incident which may assist investigators is asked to call (770) 499-3945.

(Source: Cobb County Public Information Department)

Hot Topic: Leaving Children in Vehicles

police car

In light of the heartbreaking incident of the child left in the vehicle in Cobb County, there is an importance to discuss preventing such a tragedy. 

In 2013, 44 children across the USA died as a result of vehicle-related heat deaths, according to, a non-profit child safety organization that monitors news sites and police reports involving children and vehicle accidents. Statistics also show that 13 other children in the U.S. died so far this year after being left in vehicles. Source USA Today.


Not getting into the reasons or the debate of how this can happen or whether it may be unintentional or not, the facts are that it does happen. Even if it only happens to one child, there is a need to be aware and prevent it. Research provided on WEB MD states there is no safe amount of time to leave a child in a vehicle, even a few minutes can be extremely dangerous.

• Take action! Whenever you find yourself in a parking lot and happen to see a child seat in a parked vehicle, take a few seconds to take a look and make sure a child is not left unattended. Your immediate call to 911 can save a child! 

• Change of routine? Keep in mind to check on the person responsible for dropping off the child during the stressful morning routine, especially if they are not normally the one to do so. Maybe you can set up with your day care to call you if your expected child is not dropped off. 

• Always lock your vehicles, like in your own driveway where children may lock themselves in the car. Keep your keys and key fobs out of reach of young children. Note: This will also prevent thefts!

• Create reminders. Place something you need at your next stop where you will have to look at the child in the car seat. This is especially crucial for the rear facing infant car seats. 

Again, the importance is in the prevention so there is no need for having to figure out why it happened.

(Source: Cobb County Police, PENS report)


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Make plans to attend the July PENS meeting

Cobb County Police Department

The July PENS meetings will be on Tuesday, July 29, at 10am and again on Thursday, July 31, at 7pm.  Residents are encouraged to attend to receive the regular update from Criminal Investigations Pct 4 on current crime trends, recent arrest updates and crime prevention.  This is also a great networking opportunity for the homeowner associations and businesses in the East Cobb area to share crime and safety ideas.

Officer K. Ashbaugh will be the featured guest speaker. He will be presenting on the new gun laws that went into effect on July 1st.

The meeting will be held in the A, B, and C conference rooms at the East Cobb Government Center, 4400 Lower Roswell Rd. Marietta GA 30067.

If you need directions please call Teresa Hayes at 770-499-3962 or 770-499-4184.

The meetings are always best with refreshments, if your HOA or business is interested in providing refreshments, please contact Teresa Hayes.

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Spike in Entering Autos in East Cobb

Cobb County Police would like residents to be aware of a spike in Entering Autos (car break ins) in the East Cobb area this month.  On June 10a PENS alert was sent out to the East Cobb PENS representatives alerting to Entering Autos in the 417 Beat area in neighborhoods south of Paper Mill Road. 

There were additional multiple Entering Autos on Thursday night, June 19, in the area off Powers Road and Johnson Ferry Road.  The majority of the vehicles were left unlocked.  Some of those incidents involved entering vehicles parked in open garages which makes them a Burglary.  Golf clubs and sporting equipment were targeted.

On Sunday night, June 22, multiple autos were entered in neighborhoods off Powers Ferry Road near Little Road to include Salem Woods in 416 Beat.  Again the majority of the vehicles were left unlocked

If you live in these areas and saw any suspects please call Pct 4 at 770-499-4184 and provide the information for detectives.

The good news is that this is a preventable crime. This is a reminder for everyone to remove valuables and lock your vehicles, especially when parked on your own driveway. If you are planning to enjoy the summer weather at any of the parks or area fitness clubs, don’t bring any unnecessary valuables with you. If you decide to bring any valuables, including items that may appear to contain valuables, place them in your trunk prior to arriving so no one watches you place it there. 


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