To help celebrate Mother’s Day, this May edition of the EAST COBBER marks the 22nd anniversary of our “Mother of the Year” Contest. It is exciting to witness the momentum this special promotion has created with each passing year. I am grateful to the many local businesses that donated gifts to our “Mother of the […]

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August Publisher’s Note: Back to School in East Cobb


On August 3, approximately 36,000+ East Cobb children headed back to school.  Education is a top priority, a shared value, in East Cobb County. It is our community’s strength. The reputation of our public schools’ top test scores and quality learning environments draws people to East Cobb. Even if you don’t have a child in school we all have a stake in […]

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Letter from the Publisher: Celebrating a Milestone


  As I sat at the Kennesaw State University convocation center, waiting for my oldest son Lee’s 600+ fellow classmates to receive their high school diplomas, I looked around and saw so many familiar faces. From the moms and dads that I have crossed paths with at Chuck E. Cheese, PTA meetings and soccer fields to Lee’s friends and classmates he’s had since preschool to […]

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May Publisher’s Note: Celebrating Moms


  Ever since 1993, I have made it my company’s mission to build a sense of community by providing information about our “side of town” and promoting the good people and special events that take place in East Cobb County. In addition to the 40,000 readers we reach every month with the magazine, EAST COBBER also has 20,000+ email subscribers that receive our weekly e-newsletter, 7,500+ […]

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Notes from the publisher: Let the Sun shine


  April is full of shower bursts and dazzling sunlight. The earth seems greener. Flowers are blooming from the sapphire blue phlox to the gold forsythia. Spring has sprung and summer is just around the  corner. Ahhh, summer . . . school will be out and how will your children pass the lazy, hazy days of summer? This April issue features our 15th […]

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