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Farewell, 2400: Big Changes Coming for SAT


Have you heard? The SAT is changing—big time.

The current version of the test you love to hate will stick around till March of 2016 when the re-vamped (and supposedly future-proof) SAT takes the stage.

Here’s your sneak peak of the next-generation SAT:

• Scores top out at 1600, just like when your parents took the test (so you can compare yourself to mom & dad, apples to apples!).

• No penalties for wrong answers! That’s right, you can guess all you want without worrying about those ¼ point deductions adding up.

• The writing test is optional (do we hear a chorus of cheers from some of you?). Test-makers reviewed data since the introduction of the required essay in 2005 and conceded that it has not significantly added to the test’s ability to predict success in college.

• Vocab questions feature words you’ll actually use. So, bid a lachrymose farewell to the labyrinthine queries that have bilked you out of points in the past. Yeah, no one talks like that anymore.

• Math section is streamlined, focusing on just three main areas. The College Board says this will make it easier to study for the test, because you know which concepts will be featured.

• Calculator use is limited to certain parts of the math section. The rest of the time you’ll have to use a pencil and your mental calculator…so be sure to exercise your internal math skills while prepping for the test.

• Digital testing is here at last! The paper option will still be available too, but it’s nice to see SAT catch up to the times on this one.

See a full list of features in the re-designed SAT



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