The Bar Method™ Opens at Merchants Walk

A new location of the ever-extending network of the international franchised fitness company, the Bar Method Atlanta will be opening its doors in Georgia on Monday, October 22nd.  With studios all over the globe, the fitness craze shows no signs of slowing down. It’s no secret that women everywhere have come to know and covet the “Bar Method Body” – characterized by sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat and elongated thighs.

“As a wife and mother, I understand the importance of finding a workout routine that fits into a busy lifestyle,” says owner Melissa White. “I am honored to be a member of The Bar Method team, and I believe the workout gives every woman the chance to find her own version of the ideal body – and to de-stress in the process!”

As owner Ashley Watt explains, “There is a certain high you get from completing a class of The Bar Method. I believe that the company’s philosophy of interval training, dance conditioning and physical therapy, combined with mental fortitude and determination, allows all women to maximize the workout and achieve the results they seek.”

The franchise’s studio locations are known for the warm, friendly communities created within boutique, distinctive spa-like atmospheres. Located at 1281 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 112, in Marietta, Georgia, the Atlanta studio is no exception. Clients especially appreciate the individual attention received in and out of the exercise room, incorporating The Bar Method into their lifestyle. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Paquin, Alicia Silverstone and Ricki Lake attest to its quick and effective results.

Founder, Burr Leonard, explains her take on the franchise’s success: “We have always put stock in developing The Bar Method community. We want to create a place where women can come to not only define their bodies, but also to soothe their minds and souls. We offer a unique opportunity for students who have found success through the program, and are proud to support female business owners who continue our reputation for superior teacher training. The Bar Method is special in that we provide continued attention for our studio owners, strengthening our comradeship and business. We are proud to have The Bar Method Atlanta announce it’s opening,” says Burr.

The Bar Method is full-body exercise program created by Burr Leonard. The workout utilizes a ballet bar fitness technique and draws from the principles of isometrics, dance conditioning, interval training, and physical therapy.

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