The Kabbalah of You – six week course begins October 31st

The JLI six week course, The Kabbalah of You, begins Wednesday, Oct. 31st at Chabad of Cobb, 4450 Lower Roswell Road.

Throughout life, we look to enhance various skills and talents. But as diverse as our talents and interests may be, there is an underlying core that is common to all. We all share that humanity, that dignity that makes our lives immeasurably valuable. The Kabbalah of You addresses that core.

The Kabbalah of You is meant for everyone who can be called “you.” Bringing light to what it is that makes you. YOU will enable you to discover new depths of meaning that will have an impact on every aspect of your existence. Joy, contentment, courage, self-control, a meaningful relationship with God, beautiful relationships with others—these are some of the benefits of being in sync with your deepest self. This course will uncover how you have a birthright within the Infinite—and how to tap into that awareness for the rest of your life.

Classes begin Oct. 31st and run from 7:30-9pm. Visit to register. Cost is $89 per person, $160 per couple.


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