Last month, the police from Precinct 4 selected me to be their Citizen of the Year! I am honored and humbled to accept this award and to join other Cobb Countians from other precincts who were spotlighted at the Cobb County Public Safety Department’s Awards Banquet. What a gift to me that throughout my years in East Cobb — not just as publisher of the EAST COBBER magazine and producer of the EAST COBBER Parade & Festival, but as a resident — I have had the opportunity to get to know many police officers and shine a light on their hard work and “heart” work to the larger community. If you’d like get a behind the scenes look at how our police and fire departments work hard to keep us safe, I would encourage readers to sign up for Cobb County’s Citizens Public Safety Academy. See page 17 for details.

This edition also marks the 20th anniversary of the special section, “Child Care and Preschool Guide.” Born out of my own search for quality child care for my then preschool-aged children, I realized that other parents may be in search of those services. After hours of research and revisions, I am proud to present not only the plethora of child care and preschools offered right here in our own backyard, but also the high caliber of child care facilities that play a vital role in the healthy development of our children. The information on pages 20-26 fulfills the EAST COBBER’s mission to provide, you, the reader with useful and relevant information about our community.

Most of us do not consider our work in a romantic way. But I believe work as a parent, a teacher, volunteer or whatever vocation we pursue allows us to show our love for others by contributing our talents for a greater good. The poet Kahlil Gibran observed, “When you work, you fulfill a part of earth’s fondest dream assigned to you when that dream is born.” This edition of the EAST COBBER spotlights those people in our East Cobb community fulfilling their part of the “earth’s fondest dream” by working from the heart. From the Big Chicken Chorus’s annual Singing Valentine’s fundraiser (page 7) to the health and wellness professionals that inspire us to get in better shape (see pages 42- 53). In fact, on Saturday, February 10, the EAST COBBER is promoting the First Annual East Cobb Fitness Crawl as a fun (and free!) way for residents to discover the local fitness professionals that are here to help us get fit! Check out the details on pages 52 and 53!

Working from the heart,
Cynthia M. Rozzo
Founder . Publisher

The Publisher’s Note originally appeared in the February issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on page 4. Click here to view the digital edition.