The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County and Common Courtesy Rides are sponsoring door-to-door rides for members in a program. This personal ride service will pick up members from any location in Cobb County and take them up to 15 miles for $2 per person per ride. There can be up to three people per car with a nominal charge for more than 15 miles. Riders are limited to two roundtrip rides per week. They must also belong to the Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County.

The Senior Citizen Council of Cobb County was formed in 1973. It is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, sponsored by Cobb Senior Services, whose primary function is to further the common good and general welfare of Cobb County adults over the age of 55. It now embraces approximately 50 clubs and 3500 individual members. Other organizations striving to meet the needs of seniors in the community consider the Council as a role model in Georgia. The Council encourages seniors to stay involved in the community and provides a forum on aging issues. It also recognizes contributions made by senior volunteers and awards scholarships to students who plan to further their careers in gerontology. The Bulletin, a monthly newspaper, informs seniors about pertinent events, activities, trips and legislation.

If you are interested in joining the Senior Council, visit

This article originally appeared in the June/July issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, on page 56. Click HERE to access the digital edition.