Facebook Friday Freebie! Win A Private Wine Tasting Event at Muss & Turner’s – East Cobb!



Grab a few friends and head over to the highly anticipated Muss & Turner’s new location in East Cobb!!  For this week’s Facebook Friday, we’ve teamed up with Muss & Turner’s to bring you and 5 friends a very special and private wine tasting event hosted by Muss & Turner’s founder, Ryan Turner! Enter NOW to win a private wine tasting event at Muss & Turner’s!


The Freebie:

One lucky winner will win a private wine tasting event at Muss & Turner’s! Winner may invite up to 5 additional guests to attend this very special wine tasting event. Muss & Turner will provide a  variety of light bites to snack on and sample the group on four wines (two whites and two reds). Redemption is valid WednesdayFriday in the late lunch time slot (1:30 – 3 p.m.). Winners will coordinate scheduling directly with Ryan Turner to ensure availability.

Muss & Turner worked together in the late nineties at The Food Studio, which was part of Fifth Group Restaurants. Muss was a chef on the rise and Turner was a server seeking purpose. Turner left The Food Studio in late 2000 to take a job as Food & Beverage Manager at East Lake Golf Club, while Muss continued to climb the ladder and ultimately landed as the Executive Chef at Sala. Muss and Turner both lived in Smyrna, stayed connected and would get together with their wives to cook, eat, drink and be merry. One “Manhattan fueled” evening in 2002, the two started talking about opening a restaurant together. After a year or so of kicking around ideas for fine dining, gourmet markets and more, they finally decided to just build the place they’d want to go to or work for themselves. What is the food, drink atmosphere and hospitality like? If they don’t love it ourselves, they don’t want anything to do with it. That has never changed and is the primary basis for all their decisions. One thing led to another and three years later, on February 8, 2005 they opened M&T v.1 which was deli, gourmet retail, wine & beer shop. By January 2006, M&T v.2 was launched which was a deli, gourmet retail and full service bistro with wine & beer bar.

In 2017 – 12 years after opening the first Muss & Turner’s – they opened our second location in East Cobb in the space formerly occupied by Common Quarter.

They are thrilled to be a part of the Smyrna and East Cobb communities and look forward to being a neighborhood joint the community can depend on for many more years to come.

To Enter the Freebie:

Go to http://www.facebook.com/eastcobber, and let us know your favorite type of wine!


Check back on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/eastcobber after 9 pm to see if you’re a winner!



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Thanks to Muss & Turner’s for this week’s freebie!

1205 Johnson Ferry Rd.

Suite 101

Marietta, GA 30068



158 Replies to “Facebook Friday Freebie! Win A Private Wine Tasting Event at Muss & Turner’s – East Cobb!”

  1. Prosecco. 3 entries. Twitter follower, liked, commented

  2. Pinot Gris in the summer, Cabernet Sauvignon in he winter

  3. Sauvignon Blanc (Sancerre, Quincy, Pouilly Fumé)

  4. Carmanere. Fantastic

  5. Sauvignon Blanc -shared, liked, tweeted

  6. Sauvignon blanc. Was there last night enjoying some. Liked, Shared, Following. 3 entries please!

  7. Pinot noir. Love your Smyrna location and so glad you are here in East Cobb now – liked, shared, 3 entries please

  8. Petit Sirah or Malbec . 2 entries

  9. When I win, I’ll take you 👍

  10. Champagne is my favorite. Sharing and liked.

  11. Chardonnay! Happy you guys are in our area! Welcome and Cheers!

  12. Vihno verde, pinot Gris, other non sweet wines

  13. Chardonnay. Looking forward to the tasting 😜

  14. Suzy PerrySuzy Perry says:

    Malbec, but I like most reds. I’m a mom to a toddler and one on the way. I’ll take what I can get. 😂😂😂 (after the second baby is here, of course. 😉) Welcome to EC! 🍷Cheers!

  15. Complex cabernets! Liked, following on Twitter, and shared!🍷

  16. Chardonnay but I do like a nice red Zin…

  17. Shiraz! You cannot go wrong with it!

  18. Cabernet Sauvignon or a Zinfandel.

  19. Cabernet Sauvignon!!!

  20. Pino noir is my favorite because it pairs so well with food.

  21. My wife loves the whites, but I would rather take a Cab(ernet). We have been doing various wine tastings/dinners, and we are big fans of M&T’s, and are so happy they are here, and that some of our favorite people from CQ are there as well (Looking at you, Armuad!) We would love a tasting event with their style of food!!

  22. Was just at MT East Cobb yesterday for lunch! Todd’s Token salad with the salmon was awesome!! My wine favorites are fruit forward, full body, and smooth round finish! 🍷

  23. Reds and recently prefer Montepulciano d’Abruzzo thanks to an introduction at a restaurant while traveling.

  24. Too many wines, too little time! But my go to wines are either Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec depending on my mood.

  25. Pinot Noir – particularly from Oregon

  26. Big bold slap you in the face Cabernet!

  27. Red. Lately become a big fan of red blends.

  28. Love a Red Zinfandel! 2 entries. Cheers!! 🍷

  29. Rose, Sauvignon blanc or Pinot Noir are my choices these days!

  30. Cloudline Pinot Noir

  31. Zinfandels- but if it’s a sangria that list will extend 😉

  32. Any sweet wines, dessert wines will do yummy for me. & medium cooked with pink in the middle salmon for my entree

  33. 12 year M & T ambassador! ❤️
    Chardonnay! Favorite = PlumpJack Reserve Chardonnay. Liked/Shared/Following

  34. Depending on the atmosphere… a nice buttery Chardonnay or a light bodied, earthy, mellowed oak, subtle cherry and plum Cabernet.😁

  35. Pinot noir
    Had my 40th in the private room at local three. Sad common quarter has left but happy to have muss & turners!

  36. Malbec + Muss & Turner’s = YUM!

  37. Chardonnay is my fave!

  38. I’m big into Super Tuscans right now, but the occasional splurge on some Amarone is always a welcome treat!

  39. Tonya LynnTonya Lynn says:

    I’m a Moscato girl, but my husband loves rich red wines

  40. Pinot Grigio and champagne

  41. It’s getting warm, so Rose and champagne!

  42. For summer a yummy buttery Chardonnay but I’ve been dying to try a rose!

  43. Don RogersDon Rogers says:

    Pinot Noir. 2 chances (following you here and on Twitter)

  44. Let’s try this place one night!

  45. Big, bold reds!!! And a good porch wine too 🍷

  46. I love a BIG glass of pinot grigio! So glad M&T is in ECobb.

  47. I love the rose & blush wines.

  48. Pinot Noir! (But who am I kidding, I’d drink any kind of wine!) 🍷 ❤️

  49. Eric FlammEric Flamm says:

    I am partial to the Nippozanno Chianti Rufina – brought it to a neighbor’s wine party and it took top marks!

  50. I love merlots. 3 entries

  51. Sauvignon Blanc. Liked and shared, 2 entries please!

  52. Mostly like reds, but sometime will have Sauvignon Blanc.

  53. Pinot noir 🍷 3 entries please! 😊

  54. Pinot Noir. Welcome to East Cobb Muss and Turner’s! 3 entries please.

  55. Cabernet sauvignon. Excited for more M&T!

  56. A good Rioja is my favorite right now..

  57. Whispering Angel rose!

  58. I love a buttery Chardonnay or big bold Shiraz…. Welcome to EC M&T!

  59. I usually drink reds, but there’s something about pink bubbles that’s enticing!!

  60. My favorite wine is a Bordeaux.

  61. Lori BloomLori Bloom says:

    I love the Smyrna location so I am taking my mom who is visiting from out of town to the East Cobb location for her bday tonight! And, I am all about a Sauvignon Blanc… my fave.

  62. Red, White, Rose, and Champs! Cheers!!! 🍷🥂🍾

  63. Love a good Cabernet!

  64. Pinot anything. Ate dinner at MT, really enjoyed the burger

  65. My favorite type of wine is Cabernet, but my favorite go to wine is Turley Zinfandel.

  66. Chianti; ate lunch at M|T on Tuesday-Todd salad, johnny Appleseed & trout sandwich were all delish! Oh, & the garlic mud!

  67. We had lunch at M&T East Muss & Turner’s East Cobb today! This time of year I’m a huge fan of a French Rose!

  68. Any type that has WINE on the label!!!

  69. We Love Muss & Turner’s Smyrna Cabernet Sauvignon

  70. Malbec for me! I have been to so many wine tastings at the Smyrna location and I was so THRILLED to hear about the opening of this East Cobb location! Welcome!!! I plan to spend lots of time with you guys! ❤️🙌🏻🎉🍷🍸🍾🍹😁💕

  71. Bring me if you win! 😍

  72. I really like Petit Sirah or a Malbec. However, in summer I can really go for a chilled Sauvignon Blanc with sea food.

  73. Cabernet or Malbec but I like a nice, cold white on a hot afternoon.

  74. Pinot Noir. Went to M&T on Mon night. Glad to have them in the neighborhood! (3 entries)

  75. Pinot Gris for me. Welcome to East Cobb!!! 🍷💃🏼

  76. Cabernet or a Pinot Noir— Love the new location (and the garlic mud😋)

  77. My current go to is a Sauvignon Blanc!

  78. The next glass is always my favorite. 🙂 But, I guess I’ve been drinking more Pinot Noir and Sauv Blanc lately. Cheers, M&T EC.

  79. Pinot Noir or Chard! So happy M+T is now in East Cobb!

  80. Anything sweet especially moscato 🍷

  81. lived in Madrid for a year….. nothing better than Spanish red from the Rojas region.

  82. Pinot Noir🍷is my fave! 3 entries please! Liked, followed, twitter, and shared…Thanks!

  83. Mtz LucinaMtz Lucina says:

    Eastcobber for some years, but I lived in Spain for some years.. we love good wine, good food and good ambiance.

  84. Chardonnay is my favorite white, and Shiraz my favorite red. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful prize!

  85. Zinfandel- glad y’all are here!

  86. A nice Amarone is my first choice but an Estate grown Zinfandel is a close second, but the most important thing is good people to share it with. I love M&T west and I would love to check out the new place.

  87. Zinfandel in summer for grilling

  88. I popped in for a to go lunch today and it was delicious! For wine I like Cabernet or Sauvignon blanc best 🙂

  89. How was lunch? Thansk Sarah!

  90. Thank you Nikkole!

  91. Congrats Brittney! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize!

  92. Ryan Turner I didn’t win but we will still come visit and drink your wine! Happy to have you in East Cobb. Cheers~

  93. Awesome, of course! I had the special. B had some spicy Chinese-sandwich thing… too intense for me, but he loved it. Saw Muss and his family there. It was a great lunch!

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