EAST COBBER Magazine: Editorial That Creates a Sense of Community

Published every month, the EAST COBBER provides East Cobb County residents with a timely and easy-to-read source of information unique to their community.  The EAST COBBER serves the following purposes:

  • to build a sense of community in East Cobb County by providing a forum for people to share opinions and information;
  • to inform the East Cobb County citizenry about their elected officials and the issues facing them; and,
  • to provide a cost-effective advertising outlet for local businesses.

Every issue is full of information East Cobbers want to know about: their neighbors, local happenings, schools, civic issues, and more! Many of the articles are written by East Cobb residents themselves! This kind of interest and involvement encourages pass along readership. We are also proud of featuring East Cobb residents on EAST COBBER’s front covers—it’s a special way to honor those local citizens contributing to the quality of life in East Cobb County. We also run special covers honoring Citizen of the Year, Mother of the Year, and Father of the Year.  EAST COBBER is also known for its special sections: Dining Directory, Health & Wellness, Pet and Day Care Guides, as well as non-partisan voters’ guides during election years. Because this information can’t be found anywhere else, East Cobbers seek our publication every month!

“As a resident of East Cobb for the past 23 years, I enjoy the local articles and especially look forward to the annual parade, mother of the year, camp and father of the year issues. I just picked up another issue and was impressed with the congratulatory articles, calendar of events and inspirational stories. Keep them coming!  You have a great publication!”
“The EAST COBBER has had a tremendously positive impact on the whole community. The publisher saw a need that no one else saw at the time and she provides a great service to the community.”
“The EAST COBBER really seems to have a pulse on the community it serves and Cynthia knows what kind of information to bring to people to keep them coming back for more. It has a good mix of feature stories and social information. . . Cynthia brought the EAST COBBER parade to our community and really knows how to unite people through a shared sense of ownership and pride in the communities they live in.”
“I have been advertising in the EAST COBBER over 10 years. My ad has consistently gained attention in the market and generated more revenue than its cost. The staff has always been friendly and helpful in updating my ad.”
“The EAST COBBER is a wonderful publication and they are very informative about what is going on in the community. We’re glad to be a part of it.”
“I really reach my target audience by advertising with them. I find it to be much more effective than the AJC.”
“The EAST COBBER is great!  I would recommend them to anyone. They have really helped my business.”