“East Cobb” County is defined as those residents who live in the following zip code areas: 30062, 30066, 30067, 30068, and 30075. There are about 80,000 households and 215,000+ people residing in East Cobb County. The EAST COBBER successfully reaches this exceptional market.

Here are some facts about our readers:

  • Affluent: East Cobb residents are well-educated and have the highest median household income in Cobb County.
  • Family-oriented: East Cobb has the largest population age 17 and under in Cobb County.
  • Growing: East Cobb has experienced the highest percentage of growth in Cobb County–and is still a popular place to relocate!

The EAST COBBER is a popular read with this exclusive audience. The EAST COBBER is an excellent vehicle for reaching adults who not only purchase for themselves and their children but are involved in the community and influence others. These are the people you want as customers! For more than 19 years the EAST COBBER has created a loyal relationship with its readers.

EAST COBBER stories, contests and annual parade not only promote East Cobb people but East Cobb businesses.

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