EASTCOBBER is a monthly publication (11 issues/year) aimed at residents and businesses located in East Cobb. Our readers enjoy our positive and informative coverage, and our articles reflect their interest in local people, places and events as well as useful tips, club news, business developments and civic issues.We look forward to considering your press releases, news, profiles and articles. Please read the following guidelines before sending your submission. Our format includes down-to-earth articles that quickly inform readers. Length of articles typically runs from 250-500 words and should not be longer. Articles should be sent in Microsoft Word (.doc) format. Photographs should be sent as separate jpg attachments and have a resolution of 300dpi.

Use only one space after a period at the end of each sentence. Do not use bullets or text boxes. If you would like to use bullets please use hyphens or asterisks in place of inserting bullets. Add a title (headline) to your article. If one is not provided, we reserve the right to create one. Compose your article with either the author’s full name or company with any credentials or titles. Also include a brief description (byline) on the author and/or company at the end of your article. Articles will not be returned, are not guaranteed publication, and authors will not be paid for their submissions. By submitting written material, you grant EAST COBBER permission to publish.

EAST COBBER makes every effort to maintain the spirit and essence of the author’s original submission but reserves the right to edit for grammar, style and formatting. Include your name, email address and telephone number in your email and on each page of your document.

Please use our online form for submissions, or via email to [email protected]. Written documents and photos can also be mailed to Post Office Box 672121, Marietta, GA 30006.

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