The EAST COBBER’s main mission is to help East Cobb residents promote their good works, businesses, schools, and clubs. Many East Cobbers are interested in learning how to use the EAST COBBER to spotlight community or service projects, or the special honors received by a school, club or individual. Here are some guidelines for preparing news/articles for submission:

Tell us the who, what, when and where of the event-past or planned. 
* List the name of a contact person and their contact info (telephone number and/or Email address). 
* Stories (250 – 400 words) can be submitted typewritten, or sent in a word document attached to an email to [email protected]

We love to get your photos to feature along with your stories and/or East Cobber’s Instagram account! You can email photos to this address: [email protected] Please be sure to name all the people in the photo. 
* Color or black and white photos are fine. 
* If mailing photos, please don’t write on the back of photos. Use a separate sheet of paper for information such as names, location, data, and photo credits. 
* Do not send photos embedded in an email. Photos should be sent as jpg attachments. Hi-resolution (300 dpi) images reproduce the best for our print publication.

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Phone: 770-640-7070 • FAX: 770-559-3185
Email: [email protected]