Animal/Breed: Staffordshire

Terrier Age/Gender: 9-years-old/Female

Favorite Food: Filet mignon, roast beef, steak

Favorite Person: Cristina (mother), Gloria (grandmother), Elaine (godmother)

Best Trick: Eating, sleeping, greeting anyone she meets, rolling in the grass

Turn Ons: Taking long walks, napping on pillows, swinging on the glider in the sun

Turn Offs: Cold weather, rainy weather, inclement weather

Favorite Toy: Any pillow, large or small that she can fluff up & sleep on

Last Seen: Hanging out with her besties, Huddie (a pit bull mix) & the Lilanator (a Basenji)

What makes your pet so special: Her sweet, gentle personality & demeanor

This Pet of the Month was submitted by the Fugedy Family.

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