Animal/Breed: Cat/Maine Coon

Mix Age & Gender: One year old male

Favorite Food: Bugs (chewed just for the juice)

Favorite Person: Baili, his ‘trainee’

Mom Best Trick: Catching birds in midair then delivering them to Baili unharmed

Turn Ons: High perches where he can feel he’s the master of his domain

Turn Offs: Hugs and kisses

Favorite Toy: Stuffed mouse pieces that have been ripped to shreds Last Seen: Scratching ‘grandmom’s’ new white leather couch

What Makes Valentino So Special?: He charmed his ‘granddad’ right out of his pet allergy so he has earned the right to be the first pet in the family.

This Pet of the Month was submitted by by Donna Wise, Pet Owner: Baili Aliana Wise.

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