On August 1, approximately 36,000+ East Cobb children headed back to school. Education is a top priority in East Cobb County. This shared value is our community’s strength. The reputation of our public schools’ top test scores and quality learning environments draws people to East Cobb. Even if you don’t have a child in school we all have a stake in our community’s educational system—from our property values to future leaders to future employees. On pages 7 -17, we pulled together those education stats, school by (East Cobb) school- which provides evidence for East Cobb’s great reputation for its schools. While the test scores offer a quick take that helps parents and teachers measure a school’s success, it is important to note that beyond the rankings, each school needs to be assessed for other qualities, such as: strong school leadership, parental and community support, creating an environment where students can learn and grow, access to up-to-date textbooks and technology.

I have pulled this “Back To School” info together for the past 10+ years out of my own self-interest, since I have had three children attend Cobb County public schools. But alas, all good things must come to an end. This school year will be a poignant one for me since my baby girl, Eleni, my youngest will be a senior at Walton High School. It will be my final year as a mom of a Cobb County student. As I write this publisher’s note, there is a gripping realization that this is Eleni’s last first day of school, her last birthday at home, the last finals and Senior Night. When my youngest child begins the countdown it is not that I won’t go through this again with her, I won’t go through this again with anyone. My youngest child watched me miss her brothers, she watched me adapt to their departure with pride and tears. Just as her oldest brother’s arrival did decades earlier, her departure will once again change everything. It is our youngest child who has stood between us (my husband and I) and our empty nest. She will move on and so will I.

Here’s to a successful school year!

Publisher's Letter: My Last First Day of School
Cynthia M. Rozzo
Founder | Publisher

P.S. When deciding to dine out, I hope you’ll refer to our 21st Annual Dining Guide (pages 30-47) for inspiration. With every restaurant in East Cobb listed, you’ll discover that a special evening or a night out with friends can be enjoyed right around the corner.