Teriyaki Madness Brings Asian-Inspired Fast Casual To East Cobb


Georgia gets its first Teriyaki Madness in East Cobb. Teriyaki Madness, TMAD, is a rapidly growing fresh Asian grill that serves bowls of bold, flavorful food made to order with fresh, natural ingredients.

Guests can choose a TMAD bowl or plate, then load it with teriyaki chicken, beef or tofu, and add their choice of yakisoba noodles, white, brown, or fried rice. With fresh-cut vegetables, the bowls are customized as low-carb, gluten friendly or double meat. In addition to teriyaki chicken, orange and spicy chicken is also available. TMAD fans give consistent, enthusiastic feedback praising the large portion size of the bowls and plates.

“The first time I tried Teriyaki Madness I was amazed by the flavor and portions,” Robin Cleveland, co-owner of the new Teriyaki Madness in East Cobb said. “A guest can mix up our menu and for two months or more not eat the same thing twice.”

The TMAD Sandy Plains franchise is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Joe and Robin Cleveland. After enjoying successful careers in sales and marketing, they were able to fulfill their desire to join an up and coming new food concept. “With a neighborhood feel and fresh, quality ingredients, our food is a welcomed change,” said Joe, co-owner.

“That’s what drew us to TMAD. It isn’t oversaturated and offers families a health-conscience dining option.” Robin added, “I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. TMAD is an extension of where my true passion lies. We are eager to provide a healthy and unique dining option for local families and to create an environment that supports the community.”

Founded in 2003, TMAD is fully engrained in the ethnic, fast casual sector of the restaurant industry that is constantly growing. Asian-inspired cuisine has been on the rise since 2011. A recent study found that nearly 45 percent of people in United States households consume food with teriyaki at least once a month.

The restaurant is located in the Sandy Plains Centre at 2960 Shallowford Road, in Marietta/East Cobb. Teriyaki Madness is open from 11am until 9pm Monday through Saturday, and 11am until 8pm on Sunday. To learn more about Teriyaki Madness, visit teriyakimadness.

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  1. Check the spelling of Teriyaki in this headline… You guys may want to correct. ?

  2. Tried to go. Line was so slow and people sitting suggested we leave since they were waiting for 45 minutes. They need to get the process figured out.

  3. We’ve been twice now and it’s GREAT.

  4. Rebecca Wilson Williams…

  5. Amia CookAmia Cook says:

    Korey Atl we just saw this. Let’s go try it.

  6. AGH!!! Please fix spelling! 🙂 VERY tasty food, though!!!!

  7. If you went opening day yes that was the case. Since it is gooded fresh.. it takes about 15 minutes now. I call before i go and they have it ready when i get there.

  8. I was there last Friday night. It was not opening night.

  9. I was there last Saturday and same thing.

  10. Thanks for letting us know. We had it correct in the magazine,we goofed when we reposted on our blog/Facebook post… the headline was corrected on the blog post-but we can’t change it in this original Facebook feed.

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